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rf microwave low noise amplifiers customized

Hengwei Microwave offers a variety of RF and optical amplifier products from  modular designs, and rack mount configurations for a wide range of applications.

These include low-cost general-purpose parts,  LNA/Low noise Amplifiers,  and power amplifiers, available as either  Module solutions for applications are available, also high power amplifiers with output levels to 20W for narrow and broadband applications

Our Products

Browse our extensive range including high power amplifiers and low noise amplifiers:

RF, Microwave, Millimetre wave Amplifier Modules

We offer power amplifier modules, bench top and rack mount solutions for EW, communications, broadcast, radar, and test applications. This includes EMC, narrow and broadband, low and high power amplifiers, together with linear amplifiers and custom solutions to meet specific parameters.

High Power Amplifiers

From HF to X-band, Castle can supply modular and rack mount amplifiers delivering up to hundreds of Kilowatts of pulse and c.w power using LDMOS and GaN on SiC technologies. Liquid cooled SSPA’s are also available that provide scalable pulse and CW up to X-band. Typical applications include EMC for radiated immunity testing, EW (jammers), radar and directed energy systems.

Small Signal Amplifier

Die and surface mount packaged gain blocks for Base Station, Broadband, CATV, Fibre Optic, Instrumentation, Wi-Fi, and WLAN applications with start frequencies as low as 10MHz up to 15GHz. Gain ranges from 12 to 21 dB and P1dB up to +27 dBm depending on technology.

Low Noise Amplifiers

Low noise amplifiers are board level and module solutions that provide low noise figure, extremely high gain, high linearity. They also provide broadband performance for communications, EW (SIGINT/ELINT), radar, direction finding, and network infrastructure up to 50 GHz

Amplifier Applications:

Typical amplifier applications include:


Satcom (Ku/Ka-bands)

VHF/UHF communications

Land/airborne/marine installations

Compliance testing

EW systems



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