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Hengwei--RF microwave manufactures & suppliers.

    The main customized RF microwave products of Hengwei Microwave Electronic Co Ltd are: microwave mixers, microwave oscillators, microwave switches, microwave numerical control attenuators, microwave low noise amplifiers, microwave power amplifiers, microwave couplers, microwave power dividers; microwave equalizers, microwave filters, and microwave modules, etc. All of the RF microwave can be customized.

 Chengdu Hengwei Microwave Electronic Co. Ltd is located at state-class high-tech zone (Western High-tech Zone, Chengdu City) of Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, which is a high-tech enterprise professionally engaging in development, production and marketing of microwave integrated circuit products.

 Orientation of the Company: Hengwei Microwave focuses on the research, development, production and marketing of various RF and microwave devices, modules and systems.

 Hengwei Microwave focuses on providing different kinds of RF and microwave components, modules and systems of military product and civil product grades for microwave industry.

 Market of the Company: different kinds of microwave electronic products developed and manufactured by Hengwei Microwave have been widely applied in the fields of satellite communication, photovision relaying, trunk communication, data and image transmission, radar, remote control, remote sensing, electronic reconnaissance and electronic countermeasures (electronic warfare). The Company has provided different kinds of universal microwave products and microwave modules to the microwave electronic market for long period, and can undertake the design, development and manufacture of various kinds of microwave products, microwave modules and special-purpose systems on the basis of the requirements of customers.


 Personnel for development: Hengwei Microwave possesses professional personnel who are skilled in technology, rich in experience as well as researching and developing in microwave field over a long period of time. The Company has established favorable partnership with universities and institutes both at home and abroad, and successively strengthens the technical exchange and cooperation with them.

 Quality assurance: Hengwei Microwave Company has passed the Authentication of GB/T19001-2000 Quality Control System and Authentication of GJB9001A-2001 Quality Control System for military industry, and strictly follows the Quality Control System to carry the quality control system through the development, manufacture and marketing.

 Hardware facilities: Hengwei Microwave Company possesses detecting apparatuses such as network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, noise analyzer, comprehensive test instrument, signal generator and ambient temperature testing equipment made by Agilent (USA), Advantest and Rohde & Schwarz.

 Notion of the Company: Hengwei Microwave Company takes “creation in science and technology, advances in techniques” as its own responsibility, abides by the principles of “creation in technology, quality first, customers utmost and good faith as the foundation”, as well as takes faithful service as the objective so as to provide microwave products with reliable quality and reasonable price to different levels of customers in time.


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